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In very severe toenail fungus cases it is sometimes necessary for the doctor to
completely remove the severely infected toenail plate to allow for a new clean toenail to  
grow out.  This surgical procedure that we utilize is as follows:

1) The patient is given an injection to the infected toe.

2) After the toe is completely numb, the toenail is removed back from the toenail root to
the tip of the toenail. This is usually done without cutting the cuticle, in other words the
instrument is slipped in under the cuticle.  So afterwards the only the clean nail bed is
exposed after toenail removal.

3) A CO2 Luxar laser is then utilized to remove infected fungal material from the
toenail bed.  The nail bed is remodeled, shaped and planed with the Luxar laser.

4) A bandage/dressing is then applied to the toe.  Toes are sore for approximately 2 days
and are slightly sore in shoes for about a week or two.

5) Toenails start growing back immediately. Big toes take about 10 months to grow back
in.Lesser digits take 3-4 months.

6) Toes without toenails usually appear much cleaner to the patients and most are very
pleased immediately following the procedure even before the toenail grows back.

7) Most importantly: Just because the toenail is gone temporarily it doesn't mean the
fungus is gone! It is still present in the nail bed after removal! Something must be done
to prevent reinfection otherwise almost for sure the toenail will grow back again with

The method of treating the nail bed is as follows:

Lser treatment to the exposed toenail bed
beginning about two weeks after removal. This is repeated
several times before the new nail plate grows back.

Remember: Once the toenail is removed you have a small
window of opportunity to treat the fungus in the nail bed
while the nail bed is still exposed BEFORE THE TOENAIL
GROWS BACK. Since the laser is being applied
directly to the nail bed (skin) it is substantially more
effective. Performing the fungus laser directly on the nail
bed (without toenail) is more effective in killing fungus because
the nail bed area is wide open for treatment.

We specialize in this most advanced combination toenail removal, remodeling of nail bed
with CO2 laser procedure and follow up anti-fungal laser treatment for very severe

Pinpointe Laser Certified
NdYAG G+ Laser Certified
Noveon Laser Academy Accreditation
Cosmetic Surgery of Severe Toenail Fungus
(This procedure is NOT necessary for most toenail fungus cases)

Dear Patients,

If you have reached this page you may have had a laser
treatment that had limited success and/or a very severe case
of toenail fungus that was generally unresponsive to other
If you have had a standard or low power laser treatment that
was only partially successful we would most likely first try
the highly powered
NdYAG G+* laser (best in class) or dual
wavelength laser (best in class) to see if your toenails
respond to the stronger lasers. If your toenails respond then
you know you are on the road to recovery and you will
continue with follow up treatment as necessary. In the
unlikely event that your toenail fungus infection did not
respond to the stronger laser treatment you would be a
candidate for this surgical procedure.  

If you have tried everything and cannot get rid of your
toenail fungus pay special attention to the following
two paragraphs:

This combination surgical procedure - subsequent
CO2 laser - subsequent fungus laser procedure is highly
successful and will work in most instances. So if you are
experiencing difficulties do not lose hope! We specialize in
this procedure and have a high success rate even with
difficult to manage cases ( As is usual with medical
procedures nothing is 100% ).  If you have reached this
point and want to clear
the fungal infection and finally have clear toenails this may
be your only choice/option.

If you are apprehensive about the surgery and multiple
toenails are involved we can remove just one toenail to see
how your body responds.  In the unlikely event that this
combination surgery-laser-laser procedure did not work,
since it is the most thorough  method to manage the severe
fungus available, we would repeat this procedure until new
clear toenails return. I have removed thousands of toenails
and in most instances the fungus is substantially cleared or
eliminated by this new procedure.

Pinpointe Laser Certified
NdYAG G+ Laser Certified
Noveon Laser Academy Accreditation

Important see laser toenail videos page.
Look Great This Summer!

Overview: Cosmetic Surgery of Severe Toenail Fungus

If you have already tried everything and nothing worked to cure your
unsightly toenail infection, would you be willing to have your toenails
removed to allow for direct laser treatment of toenail bed to get new
clear toenails to grow back?

If surgery is involved the costs of treatment for your infections will of
course increase. Sometimes surgery will be your only realistic option to
ever get clear toenails again. Patients suffering from severe toenail fungus
may have to decide whether to incur the surgical expense or would they
just rather permanently live with the infections. Cosmetic toenail surgery
combined with laser treatment for severe toenail fungus has an extremely
high success rate.

Inside the thickened infected toenail plate is a heavy residence of fungal
organisms. Removing the nail plate removes the bulk of the infected
tissues. The laser will then have complete open access to the residual
infection. This is similar to incising and draining an abcess ( as you know
topical medicine on top of the abcess will not cure the problem) for the
infection to clear. This dramatically facilitates killing and eradication of
the infecting organism. Once the infecting organism is killed, the
end result is clear toenails.
Patients must have 48 hours to elevate their feet following the surgery. This procedure is
usually done on Fridays so you can rest over the weekend. The discomfort is similar to
having a tooth pulled. After 48 hours the swelling will subside and you can slowly begin
your activities again. Once the skin heals it feels the same as the normal skin
surrounding the cuticle. So in other words you can walk without toenails comfortably
until the toenails grow back in clear.

We specialize in this cosmetic toenail surgery procedure for severe infections. This
procedure is performed in the office and a single toe usually takes only 15 minutes.

After 2 weeks post op the included antifungal laser treatments will begin. The doctor
again will clear your nail bed of any residual dead fungal matter and perform the laser
treatment. This will be repeated several times over the next 90 days on the clean open
nail bed BEFORE the clear toenail grows back.

The cosmetic surgical / laser treatment combination regimen is very thorough and has a
very high success rate.

If you have any questions just call or come in for a visit.
Before :
Thickened fungal toenail
heavy infection unresponsive
to conservative treatment.
2 Weeks Post op (visit #1)
Here you can see the thickened
toenail has been completely removed
exposing the fungal debris/infection
in the nail bed. This debris will now be
gradually and completely cleaned and
removed by the doctor at each of the 4
included subsequent  "cleaning and
laser visits".
4 weeks post op (visit #2)
Here you can see the fungal infection
in the nail bed has now been cleaned
and is almost completely removed from
the nail bed. The laser treatment and
cleaning each visit helps prevent the
fungal toenail from coming back by
clearing and killing residual fungal
debris. So the toenail bed now has a
very clean appearance and a fresh
clean new toenail can now grow out.
Cosmetic Toenail Removal With Laser / Cleaning
to prepare nail bed for regrowth of healthy new clear toenails.
8 weeks post op (visit #4)
Here you can see the new fresh
clean toenail growing in. It is now
about 1/3 grown in, healthy and
perfectly clear!
2780 Middle Country Road Lake Grove NY   (1/2 mile East of Smith Haven Mall )     Local (631) 669-4955
Before: Severe deformed fungal toenail.
After: 6 weeks after laser treatment and nail removal
you can see the brand new clear healthy toenail
starting to grow in from beneath the cuticle. The
toenail will grow in completely in a few more weeks.
This patient will have her toenail bed laser treated
and cleaned 4 times to prevent recurrence before
the toenail is fully grown back.
Small toenails take 3 to 4 months to grow out. A big toenail takes
10 - 12 months.  Toenails start growing back in immediately after
removal so it is important to laser treat and kill the residual
infection in the nail bed soon after removal while the nail bed is
completely exposed BEFORE the new toenail grows back in and
covers the area that needs to be treated.
Case 1:
Case 2:
Post op Visit: Here you can see the new
clean toenail almost half way grown in.
Healthy & Clear!

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